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  • Reiki Level 1. The history of healing & Attunement.

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  • Reiki Level 2. The Power Symbol & Distance healing.

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  • Reiki Level 3. Reading the energy field, Scanning & ....

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  • Shamanism Connection Healing Level 1-4 module.

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  • Animal Communication module.

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Empowered Healing

Psychic Protection Workshop

Psychic Protection Workshop:

Workshop Date: 25 September 2016.

Due to constant requests for a workshop of this nature we have devised this psychic protection workshop which includes some theory and discussion, meditation, practical exercises and some demonstrations.

Psychic Protection - Creating positive energies for people and places.

Contents of the course ~

How our personal energy can effect others and our environment.
How our vibration affects our moods.
How spending time with some people can leave us feeling drained and depleted, and how to prevent this.
How you can protect yourself from being influenced by the energy of others such as intimidation, coercion and so on.
Creating your own fear and how to free yourself of this trait.
Earthing and Grounding your personal power and energies.
Being centred in the body
How we can psychically protect ourselves.
Protecting our home and loved ones.
Cleansing and blessing.
Aligning with our spiritual helpers for protection
Maintaining our own power in uncomfortable situations
Feeling confident and protected
Creating positive vibrations
Being settled an unsettled atmosphere
Generating a positive energy.
Spiritual rules, karma and grace.

This workshop is produced and presented by accredited USUI Reiki Masters Caroline Booth
For more information contact e-mail: or phone 07759 225654.

Animal and Human Energy Healing Workshops


Spiritual Awareness, Communication and Healing.

  • Advanced Healing Workshops
    Advanced Healing Workshop

    Increasing Your Healing Connection. Reiki is a powerful path to follow but healing is very much a multi-layered experience. To help you to have a deeper understanding and experience of healing, we are running two healing development days so you may understand and experience how much of your innate powers you can bring to a healing for yourself and others.

    Spiritual Healing can be used on humans, animals, plants, in fact anything with a living energy. This wonderful healing energy works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies/levels to help bring the body into health and balance.

    Advanced Healing Workshop Dates & Prices
  • About Reiki Healing

    Reiki is quite simply the Life Force that is in all things and fills all space. It is unseen by most people, as are other energies that we are familiar with such as infra-red and radio waves. Reiki is a system of ....

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  • About Shamanism
    About Shamanism

    Shamanic healing today brings ancient Shaman wisdom of healing and problem solving up to date. A shaman is a healer (medicine man or woman) within a tribal group. The shaman is able to connect to earth and universal energies to retrieve information that will help to heal the sick.

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  • Animal Communication Workshops
    About Animal Communication

    The animal kingdom's language is a one of the universal language of feeling. Every thought creates a feeling. When working with our energy system, and working from the heart energy centre, we connect to .....

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