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  • Reiki Level 1. The history of healing & Attunement.

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  • Reiki Level 2. The Power Symbol & Distance healing.

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  • Reiki Level 3. Reading the energy field, Scanning & ....

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  • Shamanism Connection Healing Level 1-4 module.

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  • Animal Communication module.

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Empowered Healing

Reiki FAQ's

How Does Spiritual and Reiki Healing Work?

The Reiki Therapist connects with this field of energy and channels it to the client so that as it flows through a person's being, it corrects any imbalance and disharmony and activates the body's natural ability to heal itself.

What is the difference between spiritual and Reiki healing?

The only difference is the level of energies you work with. Caroline are intuitively guided to work very much by listening to the individual's own body and that of the higher energy forms and powers.


If someone prefers not to discuss their problems or concerns, the healing energy will still flow to the problem area and start to effect a return to wholeness, creating a feeling of well-being. This works on every level automatically, so even if someone has a treatment because of a physical problem and doesn't mention the mental stress, the emotional distress or even the spiritual unsettledness, these levels can still receive healing in a remarkable way.

What is the Treatment?

The Reiki Therapist places her hands gently on or above the body in various positions, none of which are invasive. As the Reiki energy flows you may feel a range of sensations such as warmth, tingling, a feeling of lightness or simply a deep relaxation. This can also be experienced when receiving distance healing.

What Conditions Can Spiritual and Reiki Healing Help?

It is possible to heal any level of being. Acute injuries can be helped to heal very quickly but more chronic illness takes longer since there are also mental, emotional and spiritual lessons to be learnt. In some cases such as terminal illness, there may not be enough time for the progress of the disease to be reversed. However, in such cases there is usually great benefit and enhancement of the quality of life giving a sense of peace and acceptance during the time left remaining.

Why Our Animal Friends Need Healing.

Examples of what energy healing can be used for with our animals include accidents, pain and shock, vices due to being over-stabled, anger, depression, fear, illnesses and diseases related to poor immune system, grief, loss, change in the animal's life, results of abuse and mental and physical cruelty, misunderstanding.

 Nervousness Resulting in tension causing handling and riding difficulties
 Lack of confidence
 After a shock
 After a move
 Before or after competitions/transportation
 Before or after treatment from a vet
 For clipping
 For loading
 Breaking to ride
 When horse is first shod
Clearing Problems
 Kicking
 Biting
 Head shaking
 Jogging
 Aggression
 Rushing
 Bolting
 Rearing/nappiness
 Fear of things

Healing the Horse's Mind.

It is important to remember that with all behavioural and physical issues there is always an underlying cause or reason. As a part of the treatment, these must be thoroughly looked at and acted upon.

Is Healing on Animals Legal?

The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an an animal is clearly in need of treatment by a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this. The 1966 Veterinary Surgery Act prohibits anyone other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating, diagnosing or giving advice on such diagnosis. However, healing animals by contact, laying on of hands or distance healing is permissible. Giving emergency first aid to animals for the purpose of saving life or the relief of pain is allowed under the Animal Welfare Bill 2005. Owners are therefore expected to seek veterinary examination if they are concerned about the health of animals in their care.

The Empowered Healing workshops offer professional and spiritual guidance with courses held near Nantwich Cheshire. We help individuals step into their own power to enable self help, help to others, horses, animals and pets.

The workshops on healing for you, your horses, pets and animal communication are produced and presented by accredited USUI Reiki Masters Caroline Booth.

For more information about our energy starter to advanced healing courses and workshops e-mail: or phone 07759 225654.

We can help you regain balance in body, mind and spirit.

Animal and Human Energy Healing Workshops


Spiritual Awareness, Communication and Healing.

  • Advanced Healing Workshops
    Advanced Healing Workshop

    Increasing Your Healing Connection. Reiki is a powerful path to follow but healing is very much a multi-layered experience. To help you to have a deeper understanding and experience of healing, we are running two healing development days so you may understand and experience how much of your innate powers you can bring to a healing for yourself and others.

    Spiritual Healing can be used on humans, animals, plants, in fact anything with a living energy. This wonderful healing energy works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies/levels to help bring the body into health and balance.

    Advanced Healing Workshop Dates & Prices
  • About Reiki Healing

    Reiki is quite simply the Life Force that is in all things and fills all space. It is unseen by most people, as are other energies that we are familiar with such as infra-red and radio waves. Reiki is a system of ....

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  • About Shamanism
    About Shamanism

    Shamanic healing today brings ancient Shaman wisdom of healing and problem solving up to date. A shaman is a healer (medicine man or woman) within a tribal group. The shaman is able to connect to earth and universal energies to retrieve information that will help to heal the sick.

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  • Animal Communication Workshops
    About Animal Communication

    The animal kingdom's language is a one of the universal language of feeling. Every thought creates a feeling. When working with our energy system, and working from the heart energy centre, we connect to .....

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