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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

To Book This Workshop Phone 07759 225654

Shamanic - Soul Retrieval - Mending the Past and Healing the Future.
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Shamanic - Soul Retrieval - Mending the Past and Healing the Future.
(Prerequisite Shamanic Medicine introduction as it is important that you have a level of understanding about shamanic journeying with your power animal or guide.)

During our lives we are aware of our physical world mainly through our minds perceiving and translating the information that comes into our awareness in endless ways.

At a far more profound level we have our soul as a witness silently guiding our thoughts and decisions for our Highest good and protection.

Deeper still dwells our eternal Spirit, the spark of the Divine that is an aspect of all Creation.

Being in full alignment with our soul and spirit allows us to be co creators of our lives on every level, bringing light where darkness has fallen and freedom where we feel enchained by negative experiences.

An aspect of our soul can freely leave the physical body at will.
This is often recognised through our dreams which occasionally can be so incredibly real that on waking they remain with us. The vividness of these experiences is regarded by some as evidence of our soul reuniting with others.
This freedom of the soul to take leave is understood by shamans as a natural and regualr occurrence, allowing us to be with loved ones, human or animal, in other dimensions, whilst our physical bodies sleep.

Sometimes traumatic times, whether sustained suffering or a sudden trauma, can make us feel we have lost a part of ourselves. A shaman sees this as 'losing' a part of our soul due to these events. When someone who has been especially close to us is no longer a part of our lives, through any circumstance, then we register this as feeling the loss. Even leaving a place or time that you have come to love can mean a part of you stayed behind unable to leave because of the strong connection.

Some people are subject to aspects of soul loss due to the negative actions of others, such as an abusive partner, parent or other dominant figure who can weaken our spirit and the abusers 'grow' from this in proportion to the loss of the victim. A situation is often referred to as Soul-destroying.

The following can be attributed to other causes and medical advice should always be sought first but a shaman would see these conditions as possible signs of soul loss.
~ Feeling depressed even if you outwardly appear fine and others are unaware of this.
~ Feeling of not being complete, or there seems to be a lack of control in your life.
~ A hard to explain feeling of lack, loss or an important part of you is missing.

Experiencing the regathering, or soul retrieval, can bring a more positive attitude to yourself and your life, helping you to feel more confident in your decisions and dealings with people and situations - or to find you can simply move away from them. This can be quite obvious and cathartic, allowing the freedom of truly being in control of your path.
Things that just wouldn't work for you may become something that you recognise you no longer need to struggle with as it no longer 'fits' in the plans you have, and so it can be left behind, creating a wonderful feeling of inner freedom and wholeness.

It has long been recognised that as we change so our lives tend to change.
Becoming centred and at peace nurtures the same for our lives on a much wider scale.

In this 1 day workshop you will learn how to:-

How to prepare yourself for soul retrieval.
The 7 main Chakras and 2 additional chakras and their part in retrieval
The reasons for soul loss, symptoms and benefits of the return to light.
Journeying to discover the soul fragments that have been misplaced and, if appropriate, to be reclaimed.
The required healing action and the returning of the missing light to your soul.

Soul Retrieval process -

You will travel to establish the lost soul aspects and if need be, to effect their replacement.

You will discover what healing action is needed and then journey to return the lost light and power.

This workshop is meant to be personal to you for your own inner development and spiritual growth and
we trust you understand that it will not qualify you to do soul retrieval for others.
We strongly advise that as you experience the benefits of the workshop as they unfold in your life you continue to nurture and support yourself, remembering that true special being that you are and that happiness and peace are yours by right.

This is a workshop you should consider experiencing if something resonated within you as you read these words of introduction.


If you are drawn to this then please ensure you book your place early as places are limited to enable Caroline to offer close support during this amazing work.

To book this workshop phone 07759 225654.

Tto apply by post print off an enquiry form and post it to the address shown on the form.

If you have already booked this workshop please re-confirm your place by contacting Caroline by phone or email. We look forward to seeing you.

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