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Caroline Booth

Contact info:
Phone. 07866 698337
email. caroline@empoweredhealing.co.uk

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Caroline Booth: Workshop Tutorials - I have been working with empowered energy for many years developing energy work to support both animals and humans and to communicate with animals on this deeper energy level. It has been and continues to be such an honour to be able to work with the animal kingdom in this way and to help bridge the gap between the animal and human worlds helping both the animal and the owner. It is with great satisfaction that I am able to pass on these teachings at our workshop sessions and tutorials.

During this work I am naturally and intuitively guided to the area that requires healing and adapt each individual treatment to suite both the animals and humans needs. I draw on Reiki Healing, Massage, Aromatherapy, Bowen and Shiatsu, as well as Shamanic skills. I am also able to call on the many years of equine experience I have had, to help support any equine treatment or support given.

I have a wide range of practical experience within the equine industry throughout Europe, including competition, yards, stud work, racing, hunting, and showing. I have successfully coached/trained and competed at all levels of Dressage, and successfully competed in Show Jumping, Horse Trials and Showing, including Side Saddle.

I am a British Horse Society (BSHI) trainer and examiner, NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier, side saddle instructor, and also judge a variety of competition disciplines, dressage and show classes.

Private Sessions. As well as teaching the workshops listed on this website, I offer individual sessions of human and animal healing, animal communication and improving your horse relationship through ground skills and ridden work.

Caroline has a considerable amount of feedback and testimonies from clients all of which can be verified by the clients themselves.

Caroline Booth. BHSI, ITEC, HHITT, NVQ 4, CERT. ED. Equine Specialist, Coach, Instructor, Lecturer, Healer, USUI Reiki Master / Teacher. Animal Communicator and Holistic Therapist for Equine, Pets and owners.

Member of the Reiki Healers & Teachers Society.

Carolines work Testimonies.

Contact: caroline@empoweredhealing.co.uk Tel: 07759 225654.

Animal and Human Healing & Communication Workshops:


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