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  • Reiki Level 1. The history of healing & Attunement.

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  • Reiki Level 2. The Power Symbol & Distance healing.

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  • Reiki Level 3. Reading the energy field, Scanning & ....

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  • Shamanism Connection Healing Level 1-4 module.

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  • Animal Communication module.

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  • Shmanics
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Working with Magical Energy

To Book This Workshop Phone 07759 225654

Working with Magical Energy Workshop.
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Working with Magical Energy

There are many ways of working with energy in a magical way.

During this workshop you will discover how to work with magical objects, working with the heart, hand, mind and power.

By harnessing the life force that runs through nature and by employing the power of the mind we can use magic to enrich our lives.

Magic is a natural process of moving energy that we connect to from nature and from within ourselves and we can work with it to create positive change and strengthen our own personal power and can also direct this towards our goals.

Working with magical energy in this way is unique and the techniques have been passed down through the centuries.

Magic is an outward expression of an inward shift of consciousness. This is done through ritualistic spells, actions and thinking.

Rituals serve to reinforce your interior intentions and establish a physical change in your environment.

Some of the topics we will be covering include ~

Creating your power altar as a place where you display any items which have special significance for you. This is a sacred work space and working with it will empower your spirit.

Magical tools.
The types of magical energies.
Spells and rituals.
Programming and releasing energy and the basics of magic.

Please feel free to contact Caroline to reserve your place. Prior to the workshop we will send you a short list of items to bring with you or they can be provided by Caroline at an additional cost.

Bright and Magical Blessings..

To book this workshop phone Caroline on 07759 225654 or e-mail

Tto apply by post print off an enquiry form and post it to the address shown on the form.

If you have already booked this workshop please re-confirm your place by contacting Caroline by phone or email. We look forward to seeing you.

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